Repair and Improvement

We can carry out repair work to all fitted appliances including:

  • Fridges
  • Cookers
  • Water heaters, taps, pumps ect
  • Toilets
  • Space Heaters / Fireplaces
  • Shower Trays
  • Alde Central heating systems
  • Truma circuit boards unlocked and diagnosed, using latest computer / laptop program
  • Motor Movers (all makes and models)
  • Waeco Products

We also carry out improvement work and the fitting of accessories including

We have a call out charge of £60*, which includes the first half hour's labour... If further work is necessary our hourly rate will then apply at £60 per hour  

Floor Delamitation.

If your caravan is suffering from a spongy floor, our engineers are trained in the modern techniques to repair these problems. Floor delamitation repairs for a single axle start at just £200 (including materials) for a small area, to £350 for a whole floor. (Please phone for twin axle prices) 

Alde Heating System:

The Alde heating system is filled with antifreeze, which prevents the system freezing in winter causing leaks and also contains a rust inhibitor.

Alde sell two types of antifreeze Normal (2 year life span) and Long life (5 year life span) Most British Caravan manufacturers are using the slightly cheaper fluid that has to be changed every other year (please refer to your owners manual or phone one of our engineers)   The price difference in the fluid is negligible when changing the fluid on one caravan and for this reason we only use 5 year long life antifreeze

Alde Fluid Change: (parts and labour)  Single axle caravan  £150 Inclusive,   Twin axle caravan or motorhome £180 Inclusive

Shower tray repairs:

Until recently if your shower tray was cracked it was almost impossible to carry out a repair without removing the tray. Because manufacturers often fit the tray first before the toilet compartment, the cost of removing the tray in both time and money can be excessive
We are now able to offer an in situ repair which is finished with a non slip white coating. 
Prices are normally between £200 - £300 depending on the amount of work involved  

Manufacturers warranty claims:

East Midlands Caravan Servicing are approved warranty repairers for all British caravan and Motorhome manufacturer, If your Caravan or Motorhome is still under warranty and develops a fault it must first be approved by the manufacturer or supplying dealer before work can be started.  (Please note there may be a call out charge)

Image result for dometic service partner East Midlands Caravan Servicing are a fully approved service partner to the Dometic Group if your Dometic appliance is under warranty we can contact them on your behalf and arrange the repair for a convenient time at your storage site or pitch, from fridges to toilets, we can offer a mobile service to help diagnose and repair faults, service, replace or even-renew your appliance - including those under warranty. If you have any issues or just need advice, please give us a call and experience the convenience of our mobile service.

Additionally, we supply and install the full range of affordable Dometic freshjet air-conditioning units please click Here for details    

Are you thinking of buying a caravan? 

Then for peace of mind why not have a pre purchase inspection carried out by one of our engineers?  For just £120 our engineers will spend an hour and half to two hours conducting a thorough inspection of your potential purchase, after which you will be shown any faults, be given a water ingress / damp report, A report on the general caravan condition including 12 volt, 240 volt, appliances, and gas systems as well as providing estimates on any repairs which may be necessary.

Please note: we do not work on caravans or motorhomes built before 2004
*Call out includes going to one address,
Please note we do not offer a key pick up and drop off service within the call out price
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